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  • When you've made a solution to a problem that is different from the task you've taken which the deadline is supposed to be this week

  • When you're trying to fix one bug for an entire week and the cause is a typo or a missing semi-colon

  • When you're concentrating on your work but there's a meeting on the next few minutes

  • When you're trying to implement a feature within a week and you've just received the news that it's discarded

  • When you're facing an error that's not really helpful

  • When you're trying to learn a new language and it just doesn't click

  • When you're called on the weekend for a critical bug, fixing it, only to find out that that bug doesn't affect production

  • When you're trying to center a div vertically and horizontally that supports IE1, without using CSS (this is just a joke)

  • When there's no coffee (Although I don't drink coffee... sorry, not sorry)


When you're trying to fix one bug for an entire week and the cause is a typo or a missing semi-colon

How do you spend a week for a missing semi-colon? Doesn't the compiler like tell you in which line it is missing?


T'was a time in my junior college years when I worked on one of my projects using PHP. Was pulling my hairs until I was almost bald trying to fix the goddamn error.


Unclear requirements that change after every discussion.


All my coding is done at home for personal projects or for contributing on GitHub and my husband and I are live-in, 24/7 caregivers for my mother-in-law, so I'm going to have to go with getting interrupted every few minutes when she gets stuck on repeat or feels like starting an argument.

It is what it is.


That's really cool that the two of you are able to be there for her, no matter how frustrating it may be. The only similar experience I have is as an EMT picking up the same people night after night for the same crap, I had a really good book to read in the back of the truck!

I didn't get to see three of my grandparents before they passed away because I was off doing other mandated things, and I regret it deeply. You aren't going to know how long it is until it becomes necessary that you hold her hand for the final time, but I've had that honor with several patients and it was such a humbling and beautiful experience.

None of what I'm saying makes this any less stressful for you, but I greatly admire you for such a selfless act and hope that you've found a good support system for yourself. My inbox is always open if you need someone to talk to.


My husband and I have pretty much gotten used to the small support network of just each other, as we live in the land of 'rugged individuals' and 'I got mine'. It is what it is. Thankfully, between the two of us, she's always got someone here who knows first aid, basic medicine, and how to communicate with EMTs and doctors effectively.

I definitely admire the work that EMTs do. I absolutely appreciate the inbox offer. Mine is open as well.


here are my frustrations in order

  1. loud people (cough drew cough) I have noise canceling headphone buttttt they're not perfect, my message: SHUT THE HECK UP I AM WORKING!
  2. bugs that take all day but its a missing bracket, a bad identifier, or missing semicolon
  3. IDEs acting weird ( I am talking to you, intellij / android studio)
  4. power goes out during update (I bricked a computer twice in the same day, first during update then during os reinstall.)
  5. slooooowwwww wifi
  6. no coffee
  7. simulator problems
  8. backend work (you could say well its a pain in the backend)
  9. did i say loud people?

Developers who don't care about the work they do, but lack the courage to quit and go work somewhere else.


A lot of DevOps engineers might get this-

When you're trying to debug why a service is failing in the deployment environment for hours and you realize that it was a bug introduced by the developer


When a feature you're working on works flawlessly & look perfect on all except one supported browser 🤬


A tester who gives you crap while testing out of scope😒

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