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Is that Mate? My bet Linux Mint with Mate desktop and conky, oh and that fish shell! Cool!


It's Mint with Cinnamon. And yes those are Conky and Fish shell :)


screenshot of several console programs running in a tiling window manager

I posted just the terminal in the other thread but here's a full screenshot. This is Arch with i3gaps, polybar, neovim, and ncmpcpp (and bonsai and cowsay and termdown and htop). Unfocused windows are dimmed with compton. My dotfiles are here if anyone's interested.


Here is my humble desktop.
It doesn't even use i3wm.

My humble desktop with paper icons and Plane-dark theme


I saw a few Arch users in @aspittel thread, I wanted to lure you out!
XFCE was one of my favorite desktops env, until they started porting it to GTK3 abomination, then I did surrender to gnome3.


Can you elaborate more?
Maybe I am just too young, but I don't see the issue with GTK3 or XFCE using GTK3.


My desktop looked like the following screenshots:

Now, there's no conky, gaps, or polybar anymore, and no transparency.


I use transparencies at night with Light colorschemes, it helps me to avoid white light flashes when I alt tab to the browser.

But as for desktop env, I'm old and lazy, plain gnome3 even I don't like it 😂


I used i3 for a while, but when I switched from Manjaro to ArchLinux, I decided to finally take the time to work on a real personal setup


Plane-dark the best theme!
What Icon pack do you use?


Indeed! The icon pack it's papirus.


I always mean to customize but then I just end up with a dark theme and a black background.


That's the productive thing to do. I used to spend hours when I was younger customizing my desktop. Now I have a stored config that I pull and I'm done.