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Software Studio Help....

So I am at a place in my career where I think its time I branch off from the normal 9-5 and start my own Software Studio. I have been researching online and seems everyone plagiarizes each other. Does any one have any great sources they themselves have used? How successful is your shop from using those resources or did you have to "make your own luck"?

Some friends have suggested writing a game which is something I have never done before. I do have stories with characters I have written so the natural next step would be to story board and then create a game. I thought about creating a platform for the masses since scalable web applications are my area of expertise. Which path should I choose, which path has the best chance of success? My plan is to be working full-time for my studio this time next year. I'm interested in hearing from the community.

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Manuele J Sarfatti • Edited

In my experience it’s 90% make your own luck. We are software developers, the market is there, it’s just a matter of creating value and finding someone that needs or wants it. My advice (assuming you want to act as a sort of agency, I.e. build things for clients):

  1. Look at what others are doing as much as possible, every day even, but at the end of the day be yourself
  2. Personal relationships are 10 times more important than anything else (blogging, marketing, etc.)
  3. Make sure you have a comfy financial cushion: things will take three times as long as you think

Other than that, re: what to do, I’d look into what your are already good at, and what you like doing, and start with that niche. You can always adjust course later on, but we often tend to think that the choices we make at the beginning will be defining us forever.

Anyway, best of luck on your project! It will be hard, sometimes really hard, but once you manage to get things rolling (again, be prepared for it to take longer than 1 year) it’s incredibly satisfying!