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Flutter App Builder - flutter Drag And Drop App Builder

Flutter App builder - Web Based flutter App builder by Drag And Drop


Good news! Remember we told you about Flutter? Yep,one day it will be shining! But even now, have you seen its web application? It’s gorgeous! Easy, user-friendly and fast. Meet Flutter Studio web application, updated!

The first version of the app was based on an early alpha version of Flutter and had a limited set of widgets. The updated app now works better on different screens and accurately is displayed on multiple devices. You can choose from 68 different devices including iPad, Nexus, Samsung, Android and many of their available models. In addition, now Flutter Studio produces complete, working code and has a more full set of widgets, including some new ones that were not listed in the widget catalog.

Long story short. The new version is really responsive, shows real Android and iOS devices accurately on the web, displays pixel-perfect designs, and

Provides more widgets and themes
Allows you to edit the widgets intuitively, producing accurate code
Focuses on design
Produces complete, working application code and pubspec.yaml files
Adorable, right? Try Flutter Studio here by yourself!


FlutterAppbuilder is Latest web based Flutter App builder

p.s. Talking about the latest platforms for cross-platform mobile apps development, we also recommend you read about (it hasn’t as many devices to work with as Flutter, but for native iOS and Android it could be all you ever needed). Enjoy and have a good day!

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Pablo Discobar

if you are interested in Flutter, then read this article -

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Faheem Ahmad

Useless app

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Vijay Pushkin

Not cool man, not cool

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Emmanuel KOUPOH

is it Open Source ?