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I launched a directory with ethical design resources

Tech is all around us, developing fast, and not going away. Which is why ethics should be a part of the design and engineering curriculum, and a focus for everyone working in the industry.

Earlier this year I wrote about what it's like navigating the internet as a non-binary person and the harm transphobic AI can cause.

There were also stories about social media apps using facial recognition failing trans people, algorithms keeping students out of college, software that can depixelate faces, surveillance AI, fake news around COVID and the US elections, and countless more examples of tech failing the people.

This is nothing new, and should not be surprising. Tech isn't neutral. It's made by people and consumed by people. People write algorithms, collect training data, design websites, write code and prioritize features.

Countless of books, articles and even documentaries have been made about the issue, and there are plenty of resources out there that can educate us on the issues the tech industry is facing and can guide us to do better.

So I decided to build a directory that lists them:!

Screenshot of a description on top, recommended topics on the left, and resources on the right

It's a growing directory of tools, articles, books, podcasts, and other learning resources to guide us in creating more ethical and more inclusive products. I'll be editing it continuously with new resources (and anyone can suggest a resource, so keep an eye out on the page or subscribe to the mailing list to receive a monthly update on new resources and interesting reading material.

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