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5 Ways How to Build Trust for Your Tech Product

Building trust 🤝 is an essential part of any business.

It's how you close deals, form partnerships, build your business up to its fullest potential—it's everything.

If people don't trust you, they are not going to want to work with you or buy from you. It's that simple.

Ramping up a new product for a new company is always a lot of work. Here are some excellent ways to build trust and reputation with early customers and users:

1. Prove yourself by demonstrating your value in public 💎

Prove to the world that you are worth working with!

👉 Reach out to the places where your target market is discussing pain points and address them directly. Think about Linkedin, Facebook groups, subreddits on Reddit, threads on Twitter, etc.

Try to become a trusted voice in your niche by answering the questions and solving their problems.

2. Tell about yourself — tell your story 💬

People want to know the person they are taking advice from or business they are going to buy from. They want to feel like they know you.

👉 And if you really want to build trust for your product or service, you have to share your personal story or the story of the brand.

Moreover, don't be afraid to speak up about your failures and moments of doubt. Share the story, and you may be surprised how quickly people will warm up to you and your product or service.

3. Do what you say you are going to do 📌

Follow through, even under all your promises with over-deliver. In building trust—they are required. Be a person or business of the word.

If someone gives you a chance with your or with their business, then "wow" them—exceed their expectations.

👉 Do what you said you are going to do, and even more. Build that "more" behind the scenes and later offer it as extra. Remember that "Wow" is a must.

4. Create support systems 🤖

👉 Provide a system in which people can directly communicate to your business and ask questions or report problems or bugs of the product.

Today there are many ways to help you collect the feedback from your customers, for example, via chat or chatbots, contact email or form, or free call.

5. Genuinely care about your customers 💆‍♀️

This is the most important component of trust.

If people don't believe that you care about them through your product, they will lend you their trust only in some circumstances but not unconditionally, even if they are convinced that you are sincere, reliable and competent.

👉 Be sure, that you truly understand the pains and problems of your customers. Make sure, your product or service at least partially relieves their pain and solves one of the problems.

Last but not least, customers are shifting towards a buying model, which is usually based on trust and similarity. Customers are willing to buy services from people who look similar to them, to their lifestyle, needs, and mindset.

Make your best product,
Ilona Codes

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