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My Top 9 Achievements in 2019

A new day on the calendar 🗓 isn’t going to bring you joy, success, flat abs or your dream life.

It’s up to you to create that for yourself, no matter what day is it.

My Top 9 Achievements in 2019

However, I am thankful for 2019 for so many reasons:

  • Reading around 30 books 📚

  • Creating my newsletter 📨 with more than 1600 readers

  • Co-founding Foundsiders and becoming a full-time 👩‍💻 Product Maker

  • Building and launching my first ever software product 📊 FelloWage

  • Giving talks at 5 conferences

  • Riding a segway for the first time

  • Getting settlement permit in Germany 🇩🇪

  • Co-authoring the “Your First Year in Code” book 📖

  • Learning how to teach myself anything 🙆‍♀️

What are you thankful for in 2019? 🙂

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zenulabidin profile image
Ali Sherief

I'm thankful that I started my blog here, made a four-week streak posting lessons that I myself learned from and for making a Stack Overflow account which answered more than 10 questions, one accepted and got 54 rep. To be honest, all of these happened this month or nearly passed the threshold.

Now, next year, I have to learn React so I can finally finish my site. It's just sitting there on Github Pages and Firebase doing nothing.

douglasfugazi profile image
Douglas Fugazi

Congratulations Ilona.