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My Experience with GitHub Copilot

Yup I got the access to the technical preview of this AI model who can destroy us or Not!

Well the answer is difficult to say but first let's understand what this thing is.

Well to put forward, this thing is simply like a autocomplete extension for Code [Visual Studio Code], Jetbrain IDEs and Neo VIM.
But not any kind of autocomplete tool, it is much more.

It can write the whole line or an entire function, just by reading your comment.

Well beginners should not use this tool as if they use this tool they will not learn anything about programing.

While using this, you should be careful that you don't get habit of using this,
Cause GitHub copilot uses internet and me living in an area where Internet is not available

Well I found it useful in writing in templates for html cause I really don't know how to properly use the power of html, css and JavaScript.

But I am turning it off because I feared that if I use it more then I might forgot how to code

Peace ✌️

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