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Share your Skills... Document your Journey... Make a Book... Get Rewarded from the Proceeds...

We all live in a Challenging Environment out there. It's cynical, dog-eat-dog world, competitive as ever.
We need to impress our boss to lengthen our career in the company that we are working in.
We sometimes have to handle our co-workers as adversaries because there is a possibility that they could take our spot in the future.
When we build something, we compete with 472 million startups. We have to convince the consumers that our business is better than our competitors.

But even with all that competitiveness and challenges, win or lose, we have gained something for ourselves. That something good came out of it... We have acquired our very own "Skills".
Yes, we have mustered that talent from the numerous time of reading books, watching coding tutorial videos, and plenty sleepless nights of fixing a bug.
Whether you are an expert on Front-End or Back-End development. Or building 12 small Startups in 12 months, or pretty good at Structured CSS & Sass, or have a knack on creating a very reliable Serverless Architecture like Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Whatever it is, you have become a specialist in that field. An expert for the number of years you've been doing it.

So whatever you are doing right now, whether you are working in a company or managing your new startup, it won't hurt if you spare a little of your time to "Document your journey".
This journal of yours does not only relive and recount your past accomplishment but much greater than that, you can create another money making machine in the form of an eBook or your own Membership site.

The contents of it are the skills and talents that you have earned and been using for your Web Development career and business.
If you are a master of "The Grand Stack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, and neo4j)", then why don't you share your expertise to the rest of the world by putting all that you know in your book.
Are you well connected with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist? Why don't you build something that will teach startup newbies to connect their company to the right investor?
Your opinion, remarks, and stories will matter to your readers because they find it useful. They will believe in your work because you are an "Authority" in your field.

Like Pieter Levels for example. A 33-year-old Dutch programmer, designer, entrepreneur, and indie maker.
He is well known for building 12 startups in 12 months while traveling the world (mostly in South East Asia). He has no fixed address, lives out of a single backpack, and works from coffee shops and co-working spaces.
Pieter is earning $55,000 a month from the startups that he built. His top grosser is
It is a database of cities in the world where nomads want to work in. A paid online social platform that is earning $32,000 per month.
The next best income earner is
A large collection of Remote jobs from any parts of the world. It is a place to find and list remote jobs and probably the biggest remote job board on the web today. That site who's helping people to get freelance jobs is earning $21,000 a month.

And of course, Pieter's very own published book called
It is a book that talks about how to make a successful product based on your idea. It's educating people to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way.
That book has sold 5,044 copies and giving Pieter that could be in the range of $2,500 a month. That is $30,000 per year. A small project for him, but a year salary from a Junior Web Developer.

Now imagine if you published your own book with your expertise in it.
It may not make money as huge as Pieters but it might help you out with your mortgage, student loans, and car payments. You can also save all that money for your travel to Bali, Siargao or Chiang Mai.

It's a different age that we are living in right now. We can't fully rely on one income. Even if you're married and have a working spouse, that wouldn't even cut it. We are not even in the ballpark of calling it safe.
Heck, even big companies like Microsoft with a revenue of $32.5 billion is still adding income resources to boost their revenue and earnings.
As we all know, Microsoft bought LinkedIn, Skype, Github, Nokia, etc. They have products like Xbox. They also bought Mojang, best known for Minecraft.
And let's not forget the code editor that we all loved using... Visual Studio Code which includes debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, and code refactoring.

We can be the very small version of Microsoft. Or the tiny version of Pieter Levels.
Creating small businesses here and there. Writing content and publishing books of your expertise. Earning revenue from your email list by making use of your Membership site.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that... can go a BIG way for you. All you need to do is just... "Share your Knowledge"!

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Joshua Watson • Edited

I recommend a podcast about the success of Nomad List and Hoodmaps on IndieHackers. I've also started reading MAKE: Bootstrapper's Handbook by Pieter Levels. And it was, obviously, not only just luck that helped Pieter create 12 start-ups in just 12 months.

Confronting your fears and taking a leap with Pieter Levels of Nomad List a collection of essay service reviews on MAKE: Bootstrapper's Handbook

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Francis Isberto

Good on you Joshua! Podcast is really a Thing nowadays. Even when you are mobile and traveling, people tend to listen to Podcast more than reading.

I appreciate your insight on this. Thanks!