Junior Android Developer looking for a remote role

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Hi everybody. I'm an Android developer with a year experience based in Lagos, Nigeria, and looking for a junior developer(remote) role. Here's a link to my github repo

I'm comfortable with building with:

  1. Java/Kotlin
  3. Retrofit
  4. RxAndroid
  5. Android arch components
  6. Instrumented and Unit tests with Espresso/Mockito.

I also have experience in building APIs with Node(Express and a little bit of Hapi), PostgreSQL/MongoDB

I would very much appreciate if you could go through my repo and provide feedback on how I can get better and improve my chances of getting a suitable role.

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Nice collection of open-source repos! Wish you best luck, I do mobile development as well, I think you have a potential to made it like legit remote developer :) Definitely check freelancer.com and upwork.com.


Best of luck! I think you have a lot of the necessary skills covered to be successful. :)

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