Top websites to find a remote programming job in 2020

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One of the first challenges to find a remote job is to discover where are the opportunities. Look at the websites below to find a remote job as Software Developer.


We work remotely




Working Nomads





Employ Remotely

Which of those do you think are the best ones?
Please, add to the discussion. :)

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Awesome feel! My community and job board Meerkad is already in this list.

Here is the link meerkad.com/remote-developer-jobs


What about remote projects for companies ? Are there any resources out there ? Does anyone work in a company, which basically works on remote projects and how did it all started ?


I got your idea but I’ve never seen anything like this. Would you be interested in building something like this?


Do you mean companies like Toptal? Have you seen them?


Thanks for the reply!

No, I don't mean companies like toptal. I wonder if there are companies, who are seeking for companies on remote, rather than developers, to work on their projects. Think, companies are more reliable to work with, than developers. So does anyone have heard of a platform, which is connecting companies with companies. There has to be some.

try your luck in upwork. You can set up your development agency.

Thanks a lot! I’ll check.


Awesome compilation! Thanks for sharing.

At 6nomads we're also developing a tool for engineers who are looking for a full-time remote job in a tech company, because we firmly believe the future lies with distributed teams.

There're more than 7 500 specialists and 400 companies on the platform, all of them came looking for "serious relationships", we do not deal with outsourcing or freelancing. Our algorithms help the best matches happen, and then — it's up to you.


I've found the best website for remote programming jobs:


It's added to the post already. :)


I maintain findwork.dev together with my brother. Are there any features you'd like to see as a user?


Hi Dani, first of all congrats for the great work! Your website is really well done!
I could give you many suggestions but I believe the one I would like more to see it's more filter options. 'Stackoverflow Jobs' has really good ones like 'Tech you like', 'Tech you dislike'. This filter is really good to filter some 'false positive' positions.
Another important filter option would be 'Location'. There a few positions which are specific to certain countries or time zones so, it'd be great to be able to filter by this as well.
Thanks and let me know if I can help with something. :)

Thanks for the feedback Frederico.

'Stackoverflow Jobs' has really good ones like 'Tech you like', 'Tech you dislike'.

We've been think about this for a while. In order to personalize jobs we need users to sign up so that we can save preferences and track usage. We're worried it'll result in fewer signups than plan email alerts which are largely anonymous (you only need an email address). This is something we'll probably implement later this year.

There a few positions which are specific to certain countries or time zones so, it'd be great to be able to filter by this as well.

Yup, I find this annoying too. Unfortunately the different sites we scrape data from don't offer this in a uniform way, so it ends up being inconsistent. I don't have a solution for this problem yet.

Do you use the email alerts? Do you find them useful?