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Introducing Twenty Nineteen Frontity Theme

Frontity is a free and open source framework for building headless WordPress sites using React. Check out our introductory post here.

We are happy to announce that the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme is now available as a free Frontity theme.

The popular Twenty Nineteen theme has been ported over to Frontity by Imran Sayed and Smit Patadiya, both active contributors to the WordPress and the Frontity community.

If you are new to Frontity, this pre-made theme will allow you to get your Frontity site up and running easily. It primarily suits blogs, but can be adaptable to a wide range of websites.

You can see the Twenty Nineteen Frontity Theme in action here.

Smit Patadiya also shared on Twitter a speed and performance comparison between the Twenty Nineteen default WordPress theme in PHP and the Frontity theme in React. You can check it out here.


You can install the Twenty Nineteen Frontity Theme like other published packages in Node using npm. To do so, run this command in your terminal:

npm install @frontity/twentynineteen-theme

Then add the package to the frontity.settings.js file.

For more information, please refer to the GitHub repository and this guide on how to install a new Frontity package.


To learn more about the Twenty Nineteen theme and Frontity, check these resources out:

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

A huge thank you to Smit and Imran for this contribution and their amazing work on this theme! 💙

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