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just the default 😳I have tried a few others but I keep coming back to default (w/ sans-serif for main font)

Not big on dark themes (unless it's for my code editor/terminal) so if I were to switch it would be to something that is still light!



Every time I try to change it, it's so jarring that I swap back πŸ˜…


I keep to the default. I've tried the others, but I don't particularly like them and they're a little glitchy in places. I know, I know, I should file a bug report or fix it myself and put in a PR, but I think the UI has much bigger problems than the colour scheme... and I'm a lazy person. Very lazy.


Minimal light theme. Everything else default.

Im usually a darkmode kinda person, but something about the Dev darkmode doesnt work for me. Also cba making my own...


No love for the pink theme out there? The tackier the theme, the more I adore it.

For people wondering how to change theirs:
Settings -> Misc -> Style Customization


Here's mine. I prefer Sepia based dark theme; better for eyes for late-night reading.

Dark Theme


I didn't know we can customize our theme πŸ˜….


If i wasn't so used to a dark theme everywhere I would probably use that theme, it looks really good:]


I usually like dark themes, but for I've kept the default one.

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I am an full stack developer trying to change the world with code. now has dark mode.

Go to the "misc" section of your settings and select night theme ❀️