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Add JSDoc to your JavaScript Code

Documentation is important to keeping a codebase understandable as it grows in size, complexity, and innovation.

JSDOC is a documentation tool to help structure your documentation.

A Simple Example

A func definition that is annotated with JSDoc...

split a str composed of words into an arr of words


strips away single quotes that exist at the beginning or end of a word

@param {string} words
@return {string[]} the space-split words
export const splitWord = words => words.match(/[^\x00-\x2f\x3a-\x40\x5b-\x60\x7b-\x7f]+/g) || [];

A func that uses that splitWord func...

turns str into a URI conforming slug

@param {string} s - the str to be slugified
@return {string} the slugified str
const getSlug = s => {
  return pipeStr(
    removeByRegex(/[\u0300-\u036f]/g), // removes diacritics, e.g. è -> e
    removeByRegex(/[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]/g), // only keep numbers and alphabet

Example Hover Tip

After the func's documentation is added, wherever you use the func, hit the hover tooltip shortcut and you'll get this JSDoc informative popup:

Alt Text

Set Shortcut Key

To activate the hover popup (called showDefinitionPreviewHover in VSC), first place your cursor on the func name, then hit the default shortcut keybinding (or you can create a custom keybinding). I have my custom binding set to cmd-n (ctrl-n)...

    "key": "cmd+n",
    "command": "editor.action.showDefinitionPreviewHover"

What the Hover Popup informs you of

The Hover dialog will...

  • show you the function source code itself
  • the parameter types
  • the return type
  • the natural language documentation of the function, explaining what it does

How to set up JSDoc

See my prior post here...

More coming soon

Stay tuned for more!

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juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

So with this, I'll be able to move away from TS types into JSDoc types and still get the nice info & Intellisense I would get from regular Typescript? Sounds very good to me.

Also added bonus the fact that the tooltip shows the function's signature a la Haskell.

functional_js profile image
Functional Javascript


And you get all the type inferences and all the squigglies that Typescript gives you, while coding in pure JavaScript.

A strongly-typed design-time experience, with no transpiling step.