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5 tools to be more productive

Do you want be more productive?

If you're reading this maybe you just need more rest πŸ˜… , if you think that's true I think maybe the best combination to find your productive moments is your bed and that comfy pillow that goes with it.

It's really important to understand that we as developers first and foremost are human and we need to balance our mind and body to endure long working days.

So here's my top 5 tools to be more productive

  1. Toggl β†’ Is a tool to track your times, this can help you to discover when you are more productive and how many hours you hard work and how rest in your working day.
    Remember that is very important take a rest after X amount of time and repeat as many times as you need to in your working day.

  2. Miro β†’ In the absence of physical boards, miro helps us to be more productive in meetings. You can explain a complex problem or flow in simply graphs and collaborate with your team.

  3. Figma β†’ If you work in Frontend you might like this tool, it's really amazing, easy to use and easy to collaborate with de UI/UX team. And if you work in Backend and you have never paid attention to the UX work please start doing it now, this is where the magic begins.

  4. Spark β†’ This is undoubtedly the best email client, It will help you to organice your day, conbine calendars and do tasks from your inbox more quickly.

  5. Notion / Archbee β†’ Notion is very useful for building your own personal documentation, meetings resume. Personally, I keep track of my entire career in Notion, reading lists, AWS docs, react native tricks and technical information to share with the team, etc.

And this is the best part because everything is in markdown so you can copy & paste into Archbee your work documentation related to a specific project.

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