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7 reasons to apply storytelling in our posts and jobs

Celiz Matias
"Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.” Simon Sinek
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Recently I'm studying a lot about how improve my communication skills because is something exclude to be a great leader, get more likes and entertaining to your audience.

  1. The quality of your story is equal to the impact that can generate.

  2. To improve your communication skills and to be heard.

  3. Actually the organisations need more influent leaders and a truly leader need know how tell good stories.

  4. All the scientific texts, the developers' ideas, the presentation, call it what you want, are so boring. Storytelling can help you to be more readable.

  5. Is more easier remember stories than ideas or boring texts.

  6. The power of the influent is so useful and you can apply this into your stories through different methods.

  7. So that your proposals are put into action in the work teams.

Carlos Salas - Storytelling La escritura magica

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