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Why we need the measurements ?

How many times our team lead, CTO, CPO or product owner tell us that they wish see metrics, logs or something related a feature?

Once time, A team lead ask me about the coverage of the code I remember that I think "why, if my code works?".


In others similar situation a CPO ask me about the analytics metrics, "how the users adopts the last release?" And in the same way the PO ask me "This screen are slow, we know what happens?"

So life was going well, the team keep working without any metric or productive logs and by surprise the product was aceptable and the users started to growing, and y remember me and my coworkers celebrating.

NICE! We are the best team in the word
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So life was going well, right? ;) One day a user found a fat bug and anyone know what happened or how reproduce and we fall through the ladders, I was imagine to Rocky falling for the ladders but I can't found the GIF 😂


We fail, we lost a lot of money and the organisation getting mad with the developers and with a lot of pain we accept that we needed the metrics to monitor the user adoption and behaviours, we needed the logs and traces and why not we needed a performance monitor.

So, getting metrics, logs, testings of your product is part of the quality that the each developer should do and you can trust in me when I tell you that this is hard to start but it's a good investment this will make your job more easier. Because you will more available information to find a solution to your problems or more information to improve flows or complex task in your application.

If you are interested in tutorials about 'how measure a react native application?' leave a comment and I will prepare something more technical.

"Shit happens, but if you are smart maybe you can clean the shit from your shoes and change something that can care your shoes the next time"

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