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Gabriel Laroche
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Internet Explorer is dead and we killed it

Today is June 15th 2022 and Internet Explorer 11 is dead. For those who don’t know, I built Death to IE11 in 2019 out of frustration and desperation. Now I know that it is only technically dead on Windows 10 and onward, but it is great news nonetheless, the common developer won’t have to support it anymore.

Some stats about my silly little project:

Website analytics (since September 2020):

  • total of 148.1K unique visitors (and counting)
  • total of 285.6K page views (and counting)
  • ~7k Monthly unique visitors
  • ~13.6k Monthly page views

Github (repo created in March of 2019):

  • 187 commits
  • 67 pull requests (including dependabots)
  • 26 contributors

These numbers might not seem super big to most people, but it's still impressive to me that a project that I built out of frustration got as much attention as it did.

Thank you for all the contributors and thank you Microsoft for finally pulling the plug on Internet Explorer 11.

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andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

It was well overdue!

stilliard profile image
Andrew Stilliard
gablaroche profile image
Gabriel Laroche

Oh wow, I had no idea that existed haha. I guess we're always counting down to internet explorer's inevitable demise

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Ben Halpern