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CrowdSec launches CrowdSec Console to monitor cyber threats on online services

Hello there,
I am happy to announce that CrowdSec, the first open-source and collaborative cybersecurity suite has now a new product, CrowdSec Console.
CrowdSec Console is the Saas solution for users to monitor cyber threats directly from an online cockpit. CrowdSec usually comes with a CLI, which is great to manage every installation individually, but when you start having several machines and instances of CrowdSec, Console is the go-to solution.

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It allows users to :

  • keep an eye on all CrowdSec installations and alerts
  • get a visual overview of intrusion attempts and explore every suspicious activity to obtain more data and context on the attacks
  • deep dive into every single alert to get more information on the attacker's IP (country of origin, autonomous system, aggressivity, type of attack, usual industries targeted etc.)
  • access the CrowdSec CTI to get detailed info on each IP involved in intrusion attempts
  • supervise and manage the local CrowdSec installations - manage scenarios, bouncers, updates etc.

You are warmly welcome to sign-up to CrowdSec Console and use it to monitor your CrowdSec installations. As usual, Console is free to use, with some premium features aimed at teams and larger enterprises.

By the way, we also launched today on Product Hunt. If you would like to support us, your contribution is more than welcome.

Thanks and we hope you will join us in fighting cybercriminals by creating the biggest massively multiplayer firewall in the world.

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mobula9 profile image

This product is very suitable for today's cyber defense needs. To put in all hands!

mazzma12 profile image

Insightful, I have just given it a try and the webApp is really well built. Thanks for developing this.

clementac profile image

Awesome! Let's go burn this "upvote button" for such a good product.