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Day 17 - One Click to Trello Board - 100 days 100 python scripts

Day 17: single_click_save

Whenever I came across new framework or tech terms or articles, I have a habit of adding them into my learning Trello board. Later I can to look up and start learning if I find it useful. But it was harder for me to open trello and add it every time. So I wrote this script. Now I have to just copy the new term to clipboard and click on the script which is executable formate( or as a shortcut ), The term will be stored into Trello and a new notification pops up.

from trello import TrelloClient
import pyperclip
import os
import constants

client = TrelloClient(

all_boards = client.list_boards()

con_list= client.get_board(constants.TRELLO_LEARNING_BOARD_ID).get_lists(list_filter=None)



os.system('notify-send "New Card Added" "'+data+'"')
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