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Day 14 - List largest files - 100 days 100 python scripts

Day 14: list_large_files

This script will print the n number of biggest files in the specified dir and it's sub dir. It will be helpful when you want to free up some space in HD

import os,constants
import math
from collections import Counter

FILE_SIZE=6250000 #Approx 50 MB

def convert_size(size_bytes):
   if size_bytes == 0:
       return "0B"
   size_name = ("B", "KB", "MB", "GB", "TB", "PB", "EB", "ZB", "YB")
   i = int(math.floor(math.log(size_bytes, 1024)))
   p = math.pow(1024, i)
   s = round(size_bytes / p, 2)
   return "%s %s" % (s, size_name[i])

files=[val for sublist in [[os.path.join(i[0], j) for j in i[2]] for i in os.walk(LOCATION)] for val in sublist]

files=list(filter(lambda x: os.stat(x).st_size >FILE_SIZE,files))
c = Counter()
for f in files:

for item in (sorted(c.items(), key=lambda i: i[1], reverse=True)[:]):
    print(os.path.split(item[0])[1]," - ",convert_size(item[1]))
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