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100 days 100 Python Scripts Challenge

For a long time, I wanted to take up this challenge. But I was always procrastinating. Finally, I started this last week.

100 days 100 python scripts.

The objective of the challenge is very simple. I will write one python script a day for 100 days. It doesn't matter it's small or big, doesn't matter it's deep learning or executing the shell command, I just gotta write the code that will help me to increase my productivity.

Day 1: generate_chrome_icon

This script will generate different resolution icons for chrome extensions when you give a png or JPG as input.

Day 2: generate_two_display_wallpaper

This script will merge two wallpaper horizontally and generates two monitor wallpaper.

Day 3: download_all_images

When a static link is given it will scrap the page and download all the images in the page.

Day 4 : zip_react_projects

It removed the node_modules and create a zip of the react project. Will be helpful to zip and mail it to someone.

You can visit the code in the following public Git Repo

100 days 100 scripts Git repo

Please feel free to give any suggestions or ideas for more scripts. Thanks.

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