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Learn CSS with me !

Welcome to Learn CSS with me!

Hey Everyone !

I'm going to start a CSS series.
This series breaks down the fundamentals of CSS into easy to understand chunks. Over the next blogs in this series, you'll get to know about the core aspects of CSS and how we can effectively use them in your projects.

In this series we will cover box model, cascade and specificity, flexbox, grid and z-index. And, along with these fundamentals, you'll learn about functions, color types, gradients and inheritance to make you a well-rounded front-end developer, ready to take on any user interface.

This series is for beginner and learners. You can go through the series from start to finish to get a general understanding of CSS from top to bottom, or you can use it as a reference for specific styling subjects. For those new to web development overall, check out the intro to HTML course from MDN to learn all about how to write markup and link your stylesheets.

Here what this series will contain.

  1. Box Model

  2. Selectors

  3. Inheritance

  4. Color

  5. Sizing Units

  6. Layout

  7. Flexbox

  8. Grid

On the way to add many more …..

Stay tuned for next blogs in the series.

If you see any mistake in the blog feel free to correct me please. Or if something is not understood or seems meaningless to you please refer this.

Written and edited by me

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Hi mam can u help me about css

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Why not?

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did u have discord i need about help html and css