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5 Projects To Master JavaScript in 2021

garvitmotwani profile image Garvit Motwani Updated on ・2 min read

In this article, I will tell you the 5 projects to master javascript in 2021

Some of you may find these projects easy or complex but you cannot build a project after just learning javascript from 1-hour tutorial you have to search the internet and find resources and solutions to errors on StackOverflow. But also on the other side, you will get a hang of it eventually and build projects faster.

Note: I am not telling you to build in the same layout as the reference image

JavaScript Stopwatch
JavaScript Stopwatch Image

If you can build a Stopwatch it would mean that you have mastered using functions in a real project. The stopwatch needs a stop feature, a start feature, a reset feature so you need to create a function for them.

Check out a JavaScript Stopwatch here for an example

JavaScript Calculator
JavaScript Calculator Image

After building a JavaScript Calculator you will be confident in using operations like +, -, *, /, etc. You will need to create the basic layout with HTML, CSS and then implement JavaScript for the functionality.

Check out a JavaScript Calculator here for an example

JavaScript Drum Kit
JavaScript Drum Kit Image

After Building a JavaScript Drum Kit you will be confident in working with DOM in future projects.

Check out a JavaScript Drum Kit here for an example

JavaScript TODO List
JavaScript TODO List Image

So Building a TODO List will help in dealing with event handlers and string the inputs through the page and will surely help in the future as you will be able to handle events easily in other and more complex projects.

Check out a JavaScript TODO Kit here for an example

JavaScript Weather Project
JavaScript Weather Project Image

So If You Build a JavaScript Weather Project You will master APIs, asynchronous programming, event handlers, operations, and DOM. So It would be like a test or adding up all the features in a single project and you will also learn to create with multiple big features.

Check out a JavaScript Weather App here from Dev Ed

If you have some recommendations for beginner projects drop it down below in the discussion box.

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