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Gaurav Vala
Gaurav Vala

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Vs Code Stater Kit

Vs Code is one the tools while in software development you'll use a lot, and it has a big library of extensions that can make it easy for you to do some common things while coding

These are the set of extensions i install when starting with a fresh install of VS Code.



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Michael Andreuzza

Hey maybe you like the theme that I made for VS Code, is built thinking on retina screens but it works in both.
I has almost 8k users in less than 2 months and usere are loving it.

this is the ofical site

and the the marketplace is:

Hope you like it!

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Lars Grammel

Which theme is your favorite? I'm currently using Github and I like it.

Btw, if you work with JS/TS, I made an extension that provides hints on how to improve your code: Supercharge VS Code with 32 JavaScript Refactorings

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Gaurav Vala

I also use the GitHub theme too!!