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Progress and Note Gathering - Smart Notes Desktop App (BuildLog[3])

Hello everyone👋 This is Gaurav Gupta, and in this blog post, I'll be telling a bit about some decisions we have taken, the progress of our application and also would like to know your views on the notes you'd like to have. (I know this update has been pretty late, sorry about that😣)


Tech Stack

Like I wrote in one of my previous blog posts, we were planning to use ElectronJS to build our application as it allowed us to re-use our existing HTML, CSS, and JS skills, but we finalized on using Flutter (which uses Dart programming language)to build our app instead of ElectronJS. For the backend, we'll be using Firebase.

We'll still be researching the technologies we will use for the backend - so I'll keep you updated about it.

Why Flutter?

We decided to go flutter as it is easier to make our application cross-platform supporting Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS through a single code-base. It is comparatively much lighter than ElectronJS (just the starter project of Electron uses more than 300 MB🤯 compared to the 50MB size for a Flutter application).

Even though Flutter Desktop and Flutter Web are new compared to ElectronJS (Flutter Web just came into the stable channel while Flutter Desktop is in the Beta phase) we considered it a worthy investment for any future projects and also open more opportunities for us at a career point of view. On consulting our college professors and also through Reddit, people suggested we go for Flutter and that's how we decided to go with Flutter rather than ElectronJS.

What about the actual "Progress"?🤔


Right now, we are simultaneously learning flutter and implementing our learning in our application towards the development of the User Interface of the application. Since right now, we are just in the phase of building the bare bones of it, I'll be sharing the visuals of the progress at a later date - possibly the next blog post (I swear the next post won't be too late).

Heads Up: As far as the visuals of the applications are, we plan to make a few trivial changes to further utilize the spacing in it and likely a minor update to the UI to incorporate better functionality to our Dashboard.

Note Gathering

We plan to start sorting out notes and start the process of gathering them soon, so we would like to know your opinions on the type of notes you'd like to see on the application. The responses would shape the future of the application's content, so do give us a few minutes of your valuable time to contribute to it.

You can go through this explanation (2 min read) and answer the poll given in that question or do comment and tell us what you would like to see notes about.

Please answer the poll or comment your opinions, as it directs us to the path we have to take moving forward.

As for those who would like to contribute to the development of the application, note-making, or note-gathering, stay tuned to the blog as I'll soon be sharing the details regarding them.

I know this is a small update and that too pretty late but I'll make sure to keep posting the updates on a regular basis.

Thank You😊

Let's connect: HashNode, LinkedIn.

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