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Gaute Meek Olsen
Gaute Meek Olsen

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Twitter Bot - Vue 3 Updates

Say hello to Vue 3 bot

I created a Twitter bot that listens to Vue 3 related projects and when a new version is released it will give a tweet about it with a link to the changelog.

So if you want to stay up to date with the latest of Vue you might want to follow the account. The bot is watching the projects vue-next, vue-router-next, Vue Class Component v8, Vuex 4, Vite, and VitePress.

The Twitter bot was made with Kotlin and runs in AWS as a Lambda function. You can find the source code on GitHub. It's not that much code, but it's a lot of pieces that needs to work together so this will be a tutorial series on how to get everything working with Kotlin in AWS and the Twitter API.

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