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Top GitHub Users By Country [Map]

Gayan Kuruppu
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The daily updated list of top GitHub users by public contributions, total contributions, and the number of followers by country. Don’t forget to share it on social media.

When it comes to open source collaboration across the world, GitHub comes first in our minds. It is a social media network for developers who like to share their source codes with other developers. GitHub consists of 56 million developers, with over 1.9 billion contributes to its 60 million repositories.

But how do you find your place in this vast Octoverse? For that reason, I created this GitHub Action that does not require any databases, hosting, and domain names from third parties. It executes the code every hour and saves changes to the repository.

Go to Top GitHub Users by Country Map
Top GitHub Users By Country Map

Go to Top GitHub Users by Country and don’t forget star ⭐ the repository

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