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DevBox Showcase: QR Code Generator

Hi 👋,

This is the second post in the series showcasing tools from DevBox 🎉, a desktop application or browser extension packed with everything that every developer should have.

DevBox has a QR Code Generator tool, once opened, click on it's card:

QR Code Generator Card

It will show you the default QR Code which points to

Default View

At this point, you can edit the parameters on the right:

  • The first one is the value - usually a URL
  • The second one is the size - can be up 5000px
  • The next two are the colors
  • The last one is error correction

Once you are happy with your QR Code, you can click on Download Image button to save it to your computer.

You can still buy DevBox here for a lifetime price of $25 $20 💰, get it while it's available!

More DevBox showcases are coming, so follow me here if you want to be notified!

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