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Introducing the first step in Android Development

Along with web development, android development is also streaming fast. Android Development is provoking many aspirants to shake up with their skills. Everyone is making wonderful use of this technology to bring up their companies, work, and innovations. When we want to start a new journey we came up with many questions, so here we are going to put a first baby step in android development. Starting with the word “Android”, it is an operating system and it is intensified for mobile phones. So in simple words, we are going to learn how to build an application for mobile phones(any android device).
"Android Studio" is a platform to develop an application and it consists of all the libraries or packages required in executing apps called APK(Android Package Kit). So you need to download this for coding. There are many languages used in android development like Java, Kotlin,c#, python, etc. and famous frameworks are used for implementing an application that includes languages like React, Native, Flutter, etc. Google mostly supports Java or Kotlin to start the learning in android studio code but many companies are opting for applications using Kotlin and it’s moreover giving an impact on big tech companies. Similarly, If you opt for java then it will be an asset.
For any language, you choose you must be thoroughly cleaned with the concept of OOPS and DSA so that it gets easy to understand and implement the concept while developing.

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Jennifer Applegate

Very interesting. I never knew just how much goes into a android app.