Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

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In college, I applied a position as a teaching assistant for C/C++. My boyfriend at the time said I would never get it as I wasn't in the computer science program.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

An imagining lab need instruction guides and example projects for 3D deconvolution. I am not a microbiologist nor know the supercomputers well.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

It was the final day to submit a game to a small contest. It is 80s themed, so I make a quick text based game.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

My career as a chemist was stalling, I interview for a sysadmin position on a whim.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

I move states suddenly and am looking for work, I apply at midnight for a job as a engineer.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

I move back and am looking for work. I apply randomly to a job and the interview is my former team lead.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

I go to a wedding and sit at my assigned seat, a month later I'm a developer at the local University.

Nevertheless, Jenn Coded

Life have thrown me a lot of curveballs but...

Nevertheless, I coded.

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Jenn is a self taught web developer who specializes in usability and accessibility. She is easily spotted at conferences by her bright lipstick and various code dresses and t-shirts.


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Great post Jenn. I don’t know about the bright lipstick, but could get into code dresses 😊