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Hactoberefest 2020 x AlgoBook

Hello Everyone!

Since Hacktoberfest is around the corner, we came up with a very beginner-friendly project for you all to make open-source contributions. Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software and is open to everyone in our global community,
organized by DigitalOcean.
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The goal of this project is to help beginners with their contributions in Open Source and bring all the possible algorithms of Machine Learning and Python together. We aim to achieve this collaboratively, so feel free to contribute in any way you want, just make sure to follow the contribution guidelines.

Since most of us are beginners in the field of Python and Machine Learning, why not contribute to a project that is useful to others and meaningful to all.
So our project is all about having various Algorithms in Python as well as Machine Learning Algorithms together under one roof. Have a look at it:

What's more? You will earn T-shirts and swags too 🥳🎉
Looking forward to having contributions from you all.
For any issues or queries, please join our Slack Channel:

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Arpita Verma

I contributed to the HactoberFest for the very first time. AlgoBook helped me a lot. Thankyou!