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Weekly UI Challenge Week 2 Day 1: Design a Search Bar

Welcome to Week 2, Day 1 of my Weekly UI challenge! Week 2 will focus on a search bar UI component; each day throughout this following week, I will pick one subelement of the design to implement. For day one, our goal is to…

Design the component

I personally used Sketch to design this week's component, but you can use Sketch, a similar UX/UI design program like Adobe XD, or really any other program (or just paper and pen/pencil!) to design your component.

If you decide you would rather not design your own component, you are more than welcome to follow along using my designs, but I think you'd really get the most of it if you designed your own. (plus I'd love to see what you all come up with!)

Here is what my search component will look like, including a number of the component's states:

A search bar component, with input text and a results dropdown with a possible search term highlighted

This is what the various states of pieces of the component look like:

A column of search bar components, with different states visible in respective search components

Now it's your turn

Hop on those design programs (or get out that pen and paper pad) and design your own search bar! Below is a calendar of what features I will be implementing on which day, as well as a few resources that may help you.

Also, please add your repos and/or images of your designs in the comments for inspiration! I would love to see what designs you all create.

Happy designing! πŸŽ‰

Week 2 Calendar

  1. (Sunday 4/15) Design component 🎯
  2. Input field
  3. Submit button
  4. Integrate autocomplete functionality
  5. Past search term indicators
  6. 100% a11y score
  7. Tweaks, refactors, fixes


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lucasromerodb profile image

Videogames - Search UI. Done!!
I really like your weekly challenges.

Design: Gravit Designer (web-app design tool)
Development: React JS + CSS
Deploy: Github Pages

Videogames - Search UI

iwilsonq profile image
Ian Wilson

I like the format of your posts concise, images for the visually inclined, and helpful with links :)

geoff profile image
Geoff Davis

Thank you Ian! Glad you find some utility in my simplicity

jlr7245 profile image
J Silverstein

I am starting a couple of days behind but still excited to work on this! Such a great idea. Here's my initial writeup.

lucasromerodb profile image

Here is my design