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Not for everyone's taste, but the H3 Podcast is my goto podcast when commuting and need to clear my mind off dev related stuff.

As for dev related ones, Laracasts Snippets covers some interesting topics in an easy to digest time frame.

  • Full Stack Radio - seems to be more about frontend dev + freelancing than the name suggests, but still covers a variety of topics. ~1hr episodes
  • Joe Rogan Experience - for long, deep conversations on all my 3+ hr drives. 2-3+ hr episodes
  • Jocko Podcast - military, discipline, leadership applied to everyday life. 1.5-3hr episodes
  • Masters of Scale - startup-y / business conversations w/ founders of highly successful companies. 30-45 min episodes

Joe Rogan is great, though I sometimes ask myself why he invites so many alt-right figures or dumb libertarians and not somebody more intelligent with better and more solid arguments.


My fav podcasts ...

99 percent invisible - all about design and the things around us ... the host has the best voice

The Guardian Long Reads - immigration, business, crime, the arts

This American Life - not all about America, just about life, this is a longish one at an hour or so

Change Agent - a new one for me, its about people who have a problem that can be solved in an obscure way

Criminal - really interesting crime stories and interviews

Death, Sex and Money - "the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation". The latest one was an interview with Jane Fonda about death, sex and money

Reply All - about weird stuff on the internet, more of a chatty one sometimes

Heavyweight - another chatty one about one guy (with a heavy Jewish/American accent) trying to solve other peoples problem.


My favourite one is The Freelancer's Show! It has many episodes and there are a lot of topics covered.


I've been really enjoying Syntax. I've only recently discovered it, so I've had over a years worth of episodes to catch up on 😄

Running out of old episodes now though, so might need to branch out a bit. Some good recommendations here...


Among the top ones on my list: syntax.fm (Wes Scott & Scott Tolinski, Reply All, Shop Talk Show (Chris "CSS-tricks" Coyer and Dave Rupert), and Do By Friday.


Syntax.fm and Software Engineering Daily are podcasts that I try and listen to every episode that is released. I've enjoyed every single one of them so far.


Junior Developer Toolbox, CppCast, Programming Throwdown and AstronomyCast

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