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Head of Developer Relations, @sanity_io at Sanity.io

Smash your writer’s block with The Hulk Summary™

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Ode to LICEcap, the simple GIF screen capture tool

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#healthydebate10x engineers and my approach to Twitter

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5 min read

A year in developer relations

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Getting started with Webmentions in Gatsby

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How to quickly set up a Gatsby.js JAMstack website with a headless CMS

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How to shift array position in vanilla JavaScript

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#discussThe problem with “you guys”

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Why I love working at Sanity.io

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Creating Custom Content Blocks: Wordpress Gutenberg vs. Sanity.io

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Get started with the Mux video plugin

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Indexing in Algolia using serverless functions (and observables!)

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#showdevSay hi đź‘‹ to the new delightful Sanity Studio

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Getting started with Sanity as a headless CMS

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5 cool things you can do with the Sanity CLI

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Making tech survivable: What can men do?

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How to structure your code repository in a Sanity.io project

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Transform JSON to CSV using jq in the command line

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How to conditionally build an object in ES6

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Make a Serverless Slack Notification Service – “A post was updated in Sanity”

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Tutorial: Run a Sanity backed blog with React and Next.js

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Put your chatbot where your headless CMS is

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#showdevMake your own podcasting platform!

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Headless in love with Sanity

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