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The ART-ificial Yoda Gallery

(a number of updates to this post got lost in digital nirvana - please come back in a few days for the enhanced version of this article...)

Recently, several AI (artificial intelligence) based image generation systems became popular.

This article gives a glimpse of what is currently (October 2022) possible with three major players in this league. In addition, you can learn a bit about different styles of art.

If you want to try for yourself, the first three systems require a (free) registration and will allow a few images to be generated free of charge.
Craiyon can be used without registration.

Beware: Playing around with these image generators can become an addiction - so you might want to set a timer before you start (at least I spend hours and hours ...)

Our subject

Yoda (/ˈjoʊdə/) is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. He is a small, green humanoid alien, powerful with the Force and a leading member of the Jedi Order.
quoted from Wikipedia

Ok, you already knew this, I suppose.

All rights to the original Yoda character belong to Disney Inc. and George Lucas.

A short introduction to Yoda

Photo-realistic Yoda

DALL.E created this with the query "photo realistic image of yoda".

Yoda walking in desert (DALL.E)

This image has also been generated by DALL.E, with the command "Yoda walking in desert".

Yoda on the beach (DreamStudio)

"Yoda on the beach" was the phrase that made DreamStudio create the previous one.

Yoda with good karma

Yoda as drawn by real artists

And now let the AI systems re-create the styles of various famous artists, starting a few hundred years back.

Yoda in style of Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini (born approx. 1430) was an Italian Renaissance painter, from the Venetian school.

Bellini-style Yoda

Yoda in style of Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch (born approx 1450) was a Dutch painter, a representative of the famous Netherlandish painting school.

No, it's not guy from the current detective and crime series you saw on your favorite streaming channel...

Boschstyle Yoda

Yoda in style of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (born 1452) was an Italian multi-talent, who was active as a painter, engineer, scientist, architect and other disciplines.

Da Vinci style Yoda

Yoda in style of Albrecht Duerer

Albrecht Dürer (born 1471) was a German painter of the Renaissance, especially famous for woodcut prints.

Duerer-style Yoda

Yoda in style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (born about 1527) was an Italian painter best known for creating portrait heads made entirely of objects.

Arcimboldo style Yoda

Yoda in style of Rembrandt

Rembrandt (born 1606) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and is considered one of the greatest visual artists and the most important in Dutch art history.

Laughing Yoda, Rembrandt style

Rembrandt style Yoda, variation

Crying Yoda, Rembrandt style

Yoda in style of Francisco Goya

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (born 1746) was a Spanish romantic painter, considered the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Goya style Yoda

Yoda in style of Carl Spitzweg

Carl Spitzweg (born 1808) was a German romanticist painter of the Biedermeier era.

Spitzweg style Yoda

Yoda in style of Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas (born 1834) was a French Impressionist artist, known for his pastel and oil drawings.

Degas style Yoda

Yoda in style of Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran (born 1837) was an American painter in New York whose work often showed the Rocky Mountains.

Thomas Moran style Yoda

Yoda in style of Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne (born 1839) was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work lead the 19th-century style of painting to the radically different painting of the 20th century.

Cézann style Yoda

Yoda in style of van Gogh pointilism

Vincent van Gogh (born 1853) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who became one of the most famous individuals in Western art.

van-Gogh style Yoda

Yoda in style of Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt (born 1862) was an Austrian symbolist painter.

Gustav Klimt style Yoda

Yoda in style of Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch (born 1863) was a Norwegian painter. His best known work, The Scream (1893), has become incredibly famous.

Munch style Yoda

Yoda in style of Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz (born 1864) was an American photographer who made photography an accepted art form.

Stieglitz style Yoda

Yoda in style of Kandinski

Wassily Kandinsky (born 1866) was a Russian painter and art theorist. Kandinsky is generally credited as one of the pioneers of abstraction in western art.

Kandinski style Yoda by Midjourney

Yoda in style of Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde (born 1867) was a German-Danish painter, one of the first Expressionists, a member of Die Brücke, known for exploring color.

Nolde style Yoda

Yoda in style of Paul Klee

Paul Klee (born 1879) was a Swiss-born German artist with an individual style influenced by expressionism, cubism, and surrealism.

Paul Klee style Yoda

Yoda in style of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (born 1881) was a highly influential Spanish painter, who co-founded the Cubist movement.

Picasso style Yoda

Yoda in style of Joan Miró

Joan Miró i Ferrà (born 1893) was a Catalan painter, known for Surrealistic paintings.

Miró style Yoda

Yoda in style of Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell (born 1894) was an American illustrator, known for reflecting the country's culture in his images.

Norman Rockwell style Yoda

Yoda in style of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali (born 1904) was a Spanish surrealist artist known for his technical skill, and bizarre images in his paintings.

Dali style Yoda

Yoda in style of pointilism

Pointilistic Yoda

Yoda in style of Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein (born 1923) was an American pop artist. Along with Andy Warhol and others he lead the new art movement.

Lichtenstein style Yoda

Yoda in style of Robert Rauschenberg

Milton Ernest "Robert" Rauschenberg (born 1925) was an American painter whos works anticipated the Pop art movement.

Rauschenberg style Yoda

Yoda in style of Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet (born 1928) was a French painter, known for his extensive body of primarily figurative work.

Buffet style Yoda

Yoda in style of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol (born 1928) was an American visual and film artist who was a leading figure in pop art style.

Sad Yoda in Andy Warhol style (DALL.E)

Andy Warhol style Yoda (midjourney)

Yoda in style of Walasse Ting

Walasse Ting (born 1929) was a Chinese-American visual artist, known for his colorful paintings.

Ting style Yoda

Yoda in style of Solomon LeWitt

Solomon "Sol" LeWitt (born 1928) was an American known for various styles, including conceptual art and minimalism.

LeWitt style Yoda

Yoda in style of Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero Angulo (born 1932) is a Colombian figurative artist and sculptor, who often depicts people and figures in exaggerated volume, which may represent political criticism or humor.

Botero style Yoda

Yoda in style of Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter (born 1932) is a German visual artist, known for his abstract and photorealistic paintings. He is one of the most important contemporary German artists.

Gerhard Richter style Yoda

Yoda in style of Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono (born 1933) is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist, formerly married to John Lennon.

Yoko Ono style Yoda

Yoda in style of Keith Haring

Keith Haring (born 1958) was an American artist, whose style emerged from the New York City graffiti pop art of the 1980s.

Keith Haring style Yoda (midjourney)

Keith Haring style Yoda (DALL.E)

Yoda in style of Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley (born 1977) is an African-American portrait painter based in New York City, known for naturalistic paintings.

Kehinde Wiley style Yoda

Crying Yoda in Kehinde Wiley style

Yoda in style of Yasutomo Oka

Yasutomo Oka style Yoda

Yasutomo Oka (born 1983) is a Japanese painter, known for his photo-realistic paintings.

Yoda in style of Banksy

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed.

Banksy style Yoda

Yoda in various art styles

Please see the following article for a detailed introduction to art styles in general.

Yoda in modern African style

Craiyon DALL.E
Yoda in African style (craiyon) Yoda in modern African art


Copyrights on these images

The platforms used to generate these images handle copyright in slightly different manner.

Please let me make the following explicit: I did never upload, modify or otherwise use any official image of YODA, as these might or will be copyrighted and trademarked by Disney Inc. and George Lucas as the inventor and creator of the YODA character.

Concerning DALL.E copyrights

See their terms of service

You may provide input to the Services (“Input”), and receive output generated and returned by the Services based on the Input (“Output”). Input and Output are collectively “Content.” As between the parties and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you own all Input, and subject to your compliance with these Terms, OpenAI hereby assigns to you all its right, title and interest in and to Output.

Concerning Midjourney copyrights

See their terms of service:

Subject to the above license, you own all Assets you create with the Services. This does not apply if you fall under the exceptions below.

These exceptions are unpaid members and large coorperations.

More information


Thanx to Lisa Moritz and Peter Hruschka for additional suggestions.

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Dr. Gernot Starke

I updated the post and added a few more... thanx for reading

gernotstarke profile image
Dr. Gernot Starke

see the follow-up post, mostly with contemporary artists.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

Your post is a lot of fun. I never would have guessed how many variations of Yoda there might be. I think my favorite is the one in style if Thomas Moran. Ironically, I think I like that one the most because it looks like it could be somewhere in the Star Wars universe even though based on mountains from ours.

gernotstarke profile image
Dr. Gernot Starke

Vincent, have a look at the follow-up post, showing art styles.

cicirello profile image
Vincent A. Cicirello

I had seen that post. But just noticed you added several I didn't see. Very cool.

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Dr. Gernot Starke

thanx again Vincent.

gernotstarke profile image
Dr. Gernot Starke

I updated and added a few more :-)

thanx for reading my post

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Vincent A. Cicirello

I'll be sure to check out the new ones.

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Umberto Biscotti

The Yoko Ono style is more Yoda dressed as Yoko Ono 🤣

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Anton Rhein

I think it should be "Salvador Dalí". Not "Salvator[...]" - Sorry for being a spelling nazi 🙈

gernotstarke profile image
Dr. Gernot Starke

thanx, fixed