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Game Hacking Fundamentals

The time has come! The official release of our of our Game Hacking Book was today! We sold a bunch of books already and we are very excited that so many people purchased on the first day!


What is this book you may ask?

It's a real physical book called Game Hacking Fundamentals brought to you by Erarnitox & Guided Hacking. It's 270 pages long and will get you started with everything you need to know to be a successful game hacker.


After you get started with the basics in the first few chapters we jump into something a bit more exciting.

After that I explain how DLL-Injection works and how to convert your external trainer, which was a separate process, into an internal one. Having your trainer in the same process has many benefits.

After we have done that we end up with something like this:

With this Game Hacking Course and the rest of our resources on our website, there is nothing holding you back from becoming an expert hacker except for YOU! So stop making excuses, grab the book & let's git gud.

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Aivan Monceller

Is this book still available? This post doesn't have a link where to buy it.

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when will the book be back in stock?

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