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Gisela Miranda Difini
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Creating a React Input component in Typescript

Here is a nice way to create a React Input component using typescript!

Using an interface to declare your own prop types as well as extending all HTMLInputElement ( properties to allow your component to accept all those input props you might need to increase accessibility for example 😄

Here you can see that by extending those HTMLInputElement properties in InputProps we can have all input element props passed to this component. Instead of having to declare each one we can just use a spread attribute

Input component auto complete

React input component with spread attribute

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Andrew Baisden

Good article I really should start working with Typescript.

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leonardo jaques 👨🏻‍💻

Nice one! Thanks for posting it :)

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Godti Vinod

Good one

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Ender Bonnet


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Max Phillips

This saved me thanks :)

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Jan Kárník

Thanks a lot for this! I was stuck trying to pass the Input Props through another custom component to the input element. This has solved it for me! Great work!