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28 Days of GitHub Action Tips

For the whole month of February, I will be shipping daily. A new tip every day this month right here.

Day 1: What are GitHub Actions?
Day 2: Assigning new contributors to issues using GitHub Actions
Day 3: Running GitHub Actions CI/CD triggers on specific branches
Day 4: How to Run GitHub Actions on Forks
Day 5: Generate semantic-release notes with GitHub Actions
Day 6: GitHub Actions: Manual triggers with workflow_dispatch
Day 7: Compress Images for the Web with GitHub Actions
Day 8: Keeping GitHub Action workflows secure
Day 9: Skip pull request and push GitHub Action workflows with [skip ci]
Day 10: Running complex matrix builds using variable substitution in GitHub Actions
Day 11: The Secrets of An Authenticated GitHub Action Workflow
Day 12: Debug your GitHub Actions via SSH by using tmate
Day 13: Run your GitHub Actions like a makefile
Day 14: Automate your PR reviews with GitHub Action scripting in JavaScript
Day 15:Generate your own GitHub Action with the actions-toolkit CLI
Day 16: Build your own GitHub Action with a Docker Container
Day 17: Publish your GitHub Action to Marketplace
Day 18: Build your own GitHub Action WITHOUT a Docker Container
Day 19: Conditional Workflows and Failures in GitHub Actions
Day 20: Sending PR notifications through SMS and GitHub Actions
Day 21: Automating my Storybook deployment with GitHub Actions
Day 22: Bring your own environment for GitHub Action Workflows
Day 23: Environment Scoped Secrets for GitHub Action Workflows
Day 24: Caching dependencies to speed up workflows in GitHub Actions
Day 25: Repository Automation with GitHub Actions
Day 26: Ensure your GitHub Actions are pinned to a SHA
Day 27: Sync Forks to Upstream Using GitHub Actions
Day 28: Setup Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions

If you have ideas or tips, please feel free to share them in the comments below, or better, let us know in the

Watch all the videos on YouTube.

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