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Publish your GitHub Action to Marketplace

GitHub Marketplace is a new way to discover and purchase tools that extend your workflow. Find apps to use across your development process, from continuous integration to project management and code review.

There are a lot of projects and companies already building within the GitHub Ecosystem, including over 7000 GitHub Actions.

You are now two steps away from getting your GitHub Action on Marketplace.

Step 1: Create an action.yml

The first step is adding an action.yml to the root of your project. The action.yml will be the way for GitHub to know that your repo is indeed a GitHub Action. It's also going to hold all the necessary information to display your action on your marketplace listing.

If you're interested in learning more about this file, you can check out the GitHub documentation. Keep in mind there are required fields, including the name, which will need to be unique in the YAML.

// real life action.yml

name: contributor-takes-action
description: This is an action to assign yourself to an issue for a repo you are not a contributor to.
author: B Dolla Mon$ign
  icon: 'thumbs-up'
  color: 'white'
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Be sure to also update the README; that is what's displayed in the listing. Setup instructions and examples are helpful, so consider adding those too.

Step 2: Click the publish to GitHub Marketplace button.

Once you have committed a valid (includes the names and description), you will see a box on your repo's dashboard asking if you would like to publish to Marketplace. Click that button and be sure the "publish to marketplace button" is pressed.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.21.56 AM

That's it!

Watch me explain this again in a longer video (*mistakes included for free)

This is part of my 28 days of Actions series. To get notified of more GitHub Action tips, follow the GitHub organization right here on Dev.

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