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First Aid Kit for Git

gntr profile image Tobias Günther Originally published at ・1 min read

Here's the good news: Git allows you to undo almost any mistake! 🤩
But the bad news is: You have to know the right commands & tools! 😩

To help you learn the various ways to save your neck, I've compiled a series of 17 short videos and a handy cheat sheet - free to download!

You'll learn how to...

  • ...correct and fix your very last commit
  • ...discard uncommitted changes in your working copy
  • ...undo and revert an old commit
  • ...return to a previous version of your project
  • ...restore a deleted branch or commit
  • with merge conflicts like a pro

Go ahead and download my "First Aid Kit for Git" for free and learn how to undo your mistakes like a Pro!

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