Taking open-bank-mark to The Dutch Clojure Meetup

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open-bank-mark (2 Part Series)

1) The human side of open-bank-mark 2) Taking open-bank-mark to The Dutch Clojure Meetup

I just presented open-bank-mark at the The Dutch Clojure Meetup. Focussing more on the Clojure libraries used than I did at the Kafka meetup.

In preparation I tested with setting linger.ms to 0 and 100 ms. Witch is one of the variables in Kafka that's really affecting your latency and throughput.

It was nice of Open Web to sponsor. Because it's a small meetup with only about 10 people today, there was lots of room for questions, and also sometimes for other people to answer when I didn't know. The raw data can be found here.

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