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Adding a Remix on Glitch button to your GitHub project

Seen those cool buttons that allow your GitHub project to run on Glitch? They let people remix your project as a Glitch application and work with it immediately. Making your own projects available on Glitch is super simple. To help, Glitch provides an app you can use to create your own Remix on Glitch button.

Remix on Glitch

Let's create a button for Glitch's Discord bot starter kit. We open up the Remix on Glitch button app.

To get our button we need to populate the fields for the GitHub user or organization name and the name of the repository for which you want to create a button.

Populating the GitHub details

We then click the Generate button and the app will create Markdown and HTML code for a button:

[![Remix on Glitch](](!/import/github/glitchdotcom/starter-discord)

We can now take this code and add it to our GitHub repo. In our case, we're going to edit the file in the starter-discord project.

To do this we go to the GitHub project and scroll down to the readme text below the list of files. We then click on the edit button (it looks like a pencil!) and add our Markdown button code.

Adding the Markdown button code

We scroll down to the bottom of the page, add a commit message, and commit our new code.

Committing our button code

And now we can see the button in our project's readme file.

Our new Remix button

Now, if we click on the button, we'll get a brand-new Glitch app running the Discord starter kit which you can use to create your own Discord bot, or whatever project you add the button to!

P.S. There's also other cool things you can do, like populating environment variables in your .env file automatically, using this app. You can read about those in the app's documentation.

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Phil Miller

Thank you for this, you should add to this page