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Migrating My Gatsby Site to Glitch

When my computer broke I realized how much I relied on it to update my website. This spurred me to migrate my website to Glitch, where I can update it on any computer.

A couple of months ago my personal computer started making an ominous whirring sound. Being a master procrastinator I simply turned it off and put it on a bookshelf. I added "take Macbook to Apple store" to my long term todo list. But I didn't realize how it would affect other stuff I was doing.

For example, my personal site. It's Gatsby, which is a popular static site generator. Gatsby requires a "build" process which converts all the various js, media, and markdown files into a nice fast website. And I usually ran it on my personal computer. 

I would be nice to have a setup where I didn't need to rely on a computer at all. Because TBH node_modules takes up a little too much room sometimes. Also what if I found an error and I could just update it on my phone? Luckily there are lots of good options for doing just that. One of them is Glitch.

Another boon is it's one step towards being able to stop paying for private hosting. I've had this card on my poor todo list for many months:

my sad todo exhorting me to save some money

Moving my Gatsby site to Glitch

A tech portfolio is a perfect use for a static site generator, as I'm the sole content producer and I don't need a content management system. Hosting a full content management system introduces performance and security issues I don't want to deal with.  

But Glitch is not my computer. Things aren't necessarily going to be the same. I do know I'll have to adapt the build process to work on Glitch. 

I start by remixing the hello-express starter and importing my Github repo to Glitch. This is pretty easy. 

github import export on glitch

But unfortunately the site doesn't immediately work after import. The most obvious error is when I click "show" there is nothing. I check the logs and it says there is no start command in package.json. Glitch looks for a start command when it starts up an app. So I add a Gatsby start command there. But nothing is showing.

So here are two key things about running sites like this on Glitch

  • Glitch sites should run on port 3000
  • Glitch sites look for a start script in package.json when you open them

🔑 Curious? You can learn more about this and other arcane secrets in our ⚰️🦇Glitchnomicon🕷🔮 before they appear in regular docs.

In the logs I see the site is running, but on port 9000. So I change the start command in package.json to Gatsby develop --port 3000. Now a page loads...but nothing is there. 

My new error is error Generating JavaScript bundles failed. It's not a very clear error but it's yelling about something called Portfolio. I realize that I referenced a React component by that name, but the file name is portfolio. I didn't catch the error became my personal computer apparently didn't care about case sensitivity for some reason?

I change all the instances of typos like this and it builds! Yay!

Updating my Gatsby site on Glitch

Now most Gatsby instances on Glitch run gatsby develop on the command line. This gives devs on Glitch the satisfaction of seeing their changes as they develop. But as this is my main site, I don't want this. Because that means it's constantly building the site. I'm going to first make a production build of my site by opening the terminal and running gatsby build. Then I change the start command in package.json again to gatsby serve --port 3000.

My plan is when I want to update, I'll remix it, and change the start command to gatsby develop. Once I have my changes all done, I'll push to my Github repo then go to my main Glitch project and import the Github Repo. I can automate some of this but that's a subject of another post.

So to summarize to make a change:

  • create a remix
  • make changes in the remix
  • push the remix to the Github repo
  • go to the main app and pull from the Github repo. 

Adding my custom domain

Now here is a chance to try out a Glitch feature I've never used before: custom domains. I'm not a DNS expert but I have a bit of experience with it, most of it bad. I fully expect to bring my site down, but it's my site and it's a Sunday afternoon so I hope no one notices?

I unfortunately make a mistake from the outset. I put the domain as The page says "Not Found" and I spend more time than I like trying to figure out why. Our own help documentation says why this doesn't work. I need Oops.


Well here are the correct steps for using a Dreamhost domain with a Glitch app:

  • Delete the Dreamhost hosting (because otherwise you can't add a new Cname record that Glitch gives you)
  • Add the custom domain to your Glitch project, you'll get a url like
  • Go to the Dreamhost DNS settings and add that as a cname record for
  • Now go back to the Dreamhost dashboard and click "add hosting" (I know) and instead of adding hosting, add a redirect from to

I'm happy I have a site that should be cheaper to host and easier to update!

I immediately update some copy and fix a bug. I'm excited to migrate some more sites to Glitch.

Have you used Gatsby on Glitch? Migrated a site to Glitch? Let us know in the comments. Follow us on to get updated on our latest posts. If you're interested in Glitch features coming soon, click here to learn more

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fredoist profile image
Freddy González

Nice post Melissa! 🙌 I personally use Glitch to edit and test my gatsby site (and almost any project 👀❤); to prevent the rebuild process when in development I use a watch.json file on glitch and then I export the project to GitHub.

melissamcewen profile image
Melissa McEwen

Great idea, I should totally do this!

rhymes profile image

Nice article Melissa!

There's definitely something to be gained for being able to update one's own website in a much more friendlier way. Dreamhost still feels a bit like it's out from the 90s in terms of usability, one step away from "upload your files with FTP" kinda of vibe!

I definitely need to spend some quality time with Glitch :D

I didn't catch the error became my personal computer apparently didn't care about case sensitivity for some reason?

This might be because, I suppose, your macOS is formatted with a "case sensitive" file system. To test this theory you can open the app "Disk utility" and see if your file system is listed as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Case-sensitive or APFS (Case-sensitive)

stegriff profile image
Ste Griffiths

Wow, great example, definitely shows the power of Glitch. I think the DevOps process you describe is not quite there yet but then again, the beauty of Glitch is how approachable it is for anyone, so I can see there's a line to walk on simplicity vs depth.

If you ever do a follow up on automating this in some way (as you hinted) then I'd be excited to read that!

Thanks for the post!

melissamcewen profile image
Melissa McEwen

Thanks! I hope to get the post on the automated process up soon. Unfortunately it uses our API which is in the process of being actively developed into a public API, so it might not work forever. But basically it's a Probot that just detects when I merge in Github and deploys to Glitch.

riversiderocks profile image

Good article! I host my website on Glitch too!

adriantoddross profile image
Adrian Ross • Edited

I came across this post trying to get Gatsby v2 and v3 to work on Glitch, but it seems that even your demo is taken down. I know that officially Glitch supports Vite & Eleventy, but do you have any insight on what's happened with npm, Glitch, or Gatsby that's made it so difficult to put Glitch projects up now?

For example... whenever npm needs to install packages, it doesn't install Gatsby's peer dependencies and breaks the app!

mx profile image
Maxime Moreau

Hi, thanks for sharing. I already heard about Glitch but I've never given it a try, that seem's powerful! I will give it a try very soon.

melissamcewen profile image
Melissa McEwen

Great to hear! Let us know if you have any questions!

mateiadrielrafael profile image
Matei Adriel

Kinda hard to take this seriously when it was written by someone who works at glitch

melissamcewen profile image
Melissa McEwen

It's under the Glitch org so I hope it's clear it's written by Glitch staff promoting Glitch. I did use Glitch before I worked here and loved it, which is why I applied.