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the calendar chronicles: react

jennschiffer profile image jenn schiffer Updated on ・1 min read

i made a calendar using react

hey pals, long time no see! i wanted to share this little calendar app i made awhile ago. i have a love/hate relationship with calendars because they are wildly complex but so common that they are simple at the same time.

it's been awhile (staind, 2001) since i made a react app from scratch and i wanted to try it using create-react-app and hooks. so here you are, my lil react calendar:

you can remix this on glitch if you need a calendar in your own react app. i'll be making more calendars using different javascript frameworks on glitch and posting about them here.

btw you can still read my non-code tech posts on my jenngineering blog, but i'm excited to be publishing more Siiick Code Content™ here again soon.

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Jess Lee (she/her)

wow that cover image

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Jess Lee (she/her)

to be clear, i love birds and my partner is a sk8r boi so i meant that in the most positive way

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jenn schiffer Author

sk8rbirb took no offense!!

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