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Healing songs, healing code. How I'm using my side project to heal (part1)

gluseppe profile image Giuseppe Frau Updated on ・2 min read

Last month was a bad month. I won't get in the details of it, but it was a bad month. I talked about it with one of my friends and the day after I got a message from him

"Hey man, here's one of the songs that makes you feel good"

Thank you Fabio. He was right. Ok, it didn't last long, but I felt better for a while. I strongly believe in the healing properties of music (and of coding ;) )
He sent me this song if you're interested. Do not ask me why it worked. It just worked. But I wanted more.

So I thought

"I should get more of these songs"

I wanted to gather as many healing songs as I could. And I didn't want to receive them by iMessage or Whatsapp of course. I wanted potentially anyone to be allowed to reach me and send me one of these songs and then share the playlist with everyone.

So, I opened vs-code, created a new project with the aim of having the simplest code for

  • looking for a song in the spotify catalogue
  • storing the chosen ones, maybe with a message attached

As I'm mainly using Python now, I've set up my project as following

  • it uses Flask for exposing the search functionality and a branch for receiving the chosen song
  • it uses pandas for loading and writing the list on a .csv file
  • it uses semantic-ui and a simple .js file to handle the front-end part: a sort of autocomplete form and a thank you message in case you send a song

After the first night of coding I was able to use a local server to interact with the spotify APIs and get track results out of a query string. This was healing me already. I knew it was just a small step in a tiny project but it was working. It is working. How all this continued will be in the next parts of this "diary". Next part will be about setting up flask and interacting with spotify apis in python.

In the meantime, if you want, you can already send me your healing songs here :)

and send me your comments here to improve the page
thank you <3

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akiramakes profile image

This is so cool!

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Giuseppe Frau Author

thank you Ruth, and thank you so much for the song :)