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Three things from today - 9/3


Happy Post-Labor day!

Hope everyone's Labor day was wonderful.

1. Overwrite entrypoint for Non-interactive Docker container

Monkeying around with a Docker image today I found I needed to run some commands on a non-interactive container.

Luckily I was able to find the exact command I needed to shell in and do my work.

docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash <image>
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2. What the heck is R?

As I am finding myself being drug (dragged?) into the world of data science kicking and screaming i'm finding the world is wrought with acronyms, disparate and similar programming languages, and all sorts of other demons.

Today's demon is R.

R is a interpreted language (yay no compiling) which is used primary for statistical computing.

I was able to install the Deb for - which seems like the best IDE for the platform.

From there I was able to draw a pretty graph with some of the demos.

First, I pulled some data from here regarding the Bulls in '93

I saved it as a CSV and was able to load it into RStudio and show a pretty Pie chart with the commands below:

#Read data from CSV
data = read.csv("bulls.csv")
#Let's see the data with just Player and points.
#Pretty piechart!
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Finally, data science can tell us who the best Bulls player is!

3. Kubefwd

"Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development."

Putting a pin in this project - this seems to be super handy for developing locally on minikube.

It's benefit seems to be its simplicity.

Only one command and you can forward all of the service ports associated with the specified namespace.

Instead of messing around with host entries of forwarding ports, you can let this do it for you.

See you all tomorrow!

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