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🚀 Github Hidden Feature: Profile README

godcrampy profile image Sahil Bondre ・1 min read

Github has a brand new secret feature! Now you can setup a README for your entire profile. Here's how mine looks: godcrampy

To enable this, make a repository with the same name as your username:

Alt Text

Then add a README.md which will then be displayed on your profile page. And that's it!
Thanks, Github for this super cool feature!

🌟 I made some Cheat-Sheets
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Such a cool new feature!! I have had several folks share screenshots of theirs on this thread.

🙌 Feel free to share yours as well.


I have created a repository for awesome github profile aims to collect the all awesome beautiful READMEs profile and make your Profile look good & Inspire other's.


Cool, I didn't know about this feature, thanks for sharing!


Here is what mine looks like so far.

waylonwalker GitHub profile


Updated with a list of latest Twitter followers

waylonwalkers GitHub profile


Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn!