Can I edit my old dev.to article to add a canonical URL to my recently setup personal blog?

gokatz profile image Gokul Kathirvel ・1 min read

I recently set up my personal blogging site, https://blog.gokatz.me/ and I wonder if I can add a canonical url to my blog from dev.to or I should do the other way by adding canonical URL to dev.to from my blog.


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So I have setup my blog in github pages, and I am all setup with Jekyll.
This might be a silly question, what is a canonical_url used for?


The same blog content can be present in different parts of the web, say, in dev.to, medium.com and your personal website. Search engine ranking will be harmed if multiple pages has the same content. To avoid this, canonical URLs can be added to the replica pages (say, dev.to and medium.com) which will point the original content (your personal site). So that search engines can organize their search results without harming the ranking.

For more info, refer: yoast.com/rel-canonical/


Awesome, thanks for the detailed info!