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UPDATE: 4 Job Boards running on the now multi-tenant "boardengine"

golangch profile image Stefan Wuthrich ・1 min read

Updated, see below

February 2019 I launched fullstackjob.com as a single-tenant Job Board for Full-Stack Developers. From the beginning, the plan was to build it as the basis for an "Engine", which can handle multiple boards for a different kind of Niche or Company Job Boards. To not potentially lose to much time before launching first board I did not implement multi-tenant layer, but the coding was done to add this layer as fast as possible after.

Now, about 4 months later, I added the layer and do a soft launch today of the new javascriptjob.xyz Job Board for JavaScript Developers. As written above, this board run's on the same code and instance, to show up possibilities of boardengine.io

Next Step is now to build a new landing page for boardengine and start commercialization.

Soon I plan to make a more technical post about how I implemented multi-tenancy (Stack: Go, Vue.js, ArangoDb, Redis, Nsq, Rancher/Docker)


Since I published the original post, about 1.5 months ago I added two new boards:
golangjob.xyz Job Board for Golang Developers
pythonjob.xyz Job Board for Python Developers

Cheers Stefan
Full-Stack Dev & Maker

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I work as CPO for a Swiss Telco/Messaging Platform Company. My real passion is developing in Golang, Vue-Nuxt/ReactJs/Angular with Redis, Nsq/RabbitMQ, ArangoDB, MongoDB and Sql


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Hey Stefan. Please add to languages Russian in Resume builder :) Anyway your website is pretty attractive and UX is nice to be honest. Usually resume builder is pretty annoying and no fun to write there but your version is pretty nice.

Is it possible to use the same account on go, python, fullstack job boards?

thank you!


Hi Aleksandr
Thank you so much for your feedback.
Yeah, you are totally right, list of languages is by far not complete and Russian is for sure missing. I will add until later today.
Yes, you can login on all boards. There is no SSO, but you can use the same credentials and Resumes are visible on all boards.


Really cool work, Stefan. I just signed to pythonjob.


Thank you, Todor. Cool, you like it. I hope you can find a job you like.